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Heating and Air The Basics

Nov 17, 2016

Heating and Air: The Basics

Heating and air conditioning are basic services that maintain your home. Read more to learn about how they work and how they are important. Heating and air conditioning are two essential services for your home. HVAC systems maintain the internal temperature of your home to protect it against the effects of climate changes and to create a comfortable living and working environment year-round. Having both of these services are important to maintain your home properly. Here are the basics of what heating and air provide for your home and why they are so important to have working properly.Heating is necessary in cold winter months not only to provide a warm internal temperature for you and your family but to also maintain the integrity of your home's interior systems. Most importantly, heating provides heat so that you plumbing doesn't freeze. When pipes are allowed to freeze or get to near freezing temperatures, the system can suffer flaws that can lead to a pipe bursting. Some of these problems go undetected because freezing temperatures keep flaws intact. Once spring comes, or a warm winter day happens, you might have an emergency on your hands. Heating is also important for health so your family is protected against seasonal colds.If you have wood furniture or a lot of wooden doors and cabinetry, both heating and air help to maintain it. Because wood is such a porous material, it is subject to retaining moisture and expanding in humid weather. It also wears over time with too many fluctuations in temperature, causing cracks or breaks. In any weather, a reasonable internal temperature should be maintained in order to keep this from happening.In the summertime, excessive humidity and high temperatures can also wear on your belongings, and on your family! If you have items such as candles, they may melt in an overheated house. Foods left out will overripe or develop mold quickly. In regards to your family, an overheated or excessively humid house could cause heat exhaustion or other health problems, especially for young children and the elderly. Some as a luxury but in very hot summer weather may see air conditioning, it is important to consider the safety and health risks.Very few homes come without a heating system in place. Unless you live in a very old or historical home, you will have a heating system in your home. It is necessary to keep whatever system you have in place properly maintained so that you have reliable, efficient heating. As for air conditioning, many apartments come with electric systems that provide both heat and air. This is also something you may have in your home. Central systems are great, especially in regions where warm weather dominates the year. Otherwise, window units are great for seasonal cooling. Now that you understand the importance of heating and air, make sure you're prepared for winter or summer by talking to a licensed HVAC professional about your needs.