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Heating And Airconditioning Contractors How To Take Advantage Of Them Legally

Nov 21, 2016

Heating And Air-conditioning Contractors - How To Take Advantage Of Them Legally!

Heating and air-conditioning contractors have the upper hand when approached for quotes and service. Here is practical advice on how to tip the balance in your favor, and save some serious money Heating and air-conditioning contractors are busy all year round. Most Americans will install their heating systems in fall, or even during winter. Conversely, when summer is just about the corner, everybody seems to be rushing and buying air-conditioners, to make the indoor living bearable. Retailers know this very well, and year after year, witness the rush of customers spurred into action of the hostile weather.

Not surprisingly, specialist shops are waiting for those timely customers, with huge stocks of heating and cooling equipment. Various brands, within a wide price range, so that everybody can afford his or her bit of comfort. Even if the funds are stretched a bit, terms and hire purchase loans are available, at very enticing conditions. Why? Because sellers want you to buy when theyre ready, and contractors are waiting to install it for you at their prices.

Thats the whole issue here. If youre buying on your terms, youll save substantial amount of money. How? When you buy out of season, heaters and air conditioners will be dramatically cheaper, because shops will have to get rid of them, to make room for the new stock. It doesnt mean though, going to K-Mart and looking for a large selection of airconditioners and room coolers, just on the first day of winter. What youll probably find, are just a few units filling in the shelves. Its too late.

Timing is everything here. To buy cooling equipment, you need to start looking in the second half of summer, and beginning of fall. Then youll witness every major retailer putting on huge Special Sale signs, and offering their Carrier, Fujitsu, LG, Deakin and other airconditioners at seriously reduced prices. On average, they are 25-45% lower than at the beginning of summer. Even the reverse systems, which can equally be used for heating during the incoming winter, will be reduced.

And yes, youve guessed it. Heaters and heating equipment will start rising in prices right from the beginning of fall. They will come down later in the spring, when everybody starts thinking about the hot summer. Although those frequent periods of unseasonal weather can somewhat affect peoples buying intentions, the rule remains: buy outside of the season and save. More expensive brands are particularly prone to significant price drops, when going out of season.

As for the installation services; contractors have quiet times, with only a few orders, during the above mentioned periods. Although youll need them mainly to do those more complicated installations of the split systems, their charges will be about 20-30% lower than during the peak season, where theres a queue of people waiting for the tradesmen services. If your bargaining skills are good enough, you can end up with a quality heating or air-conditioning system installed by a reputable contractor, for about 20-30% less than during the peak time. And thats a saving worth doing some forward planning!